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Organise your special events at our Meetings & Events Halls presented for you at Icon Hotels India by Bhagini. Our professional banqueting service is here to offer you memorable events.




Where Business And Luxury Go Hand In Hand

ICON, a word synonymous with great reverence, is a faction of celebrated professionals from the hospitality industry in the Southern part of India. Under the banner of ICON Hotels, we the hospitality enthusiasts have made a niche for ourselves across the garden city in India, Bangalore. As action speaks louder than words, the ICON Hotel venture with over 20 years of experience is well revered for its integrity, professional outlook and dedication.

ICON Hotels is a Hotel Management Company where we extend our expertise in the hospitality industry with the objective of providing value for money to our stakeholders and clients. Our vigour has been the continuous trust and support bestowed upon us by our business associates, clients and the community at large.

ICON Hotels has embarked on an ambitious project where the Hotel group will be spreading its wing across the length and breadth of the country in a short period of time. We will soon be rising as a prominent Hotel Brand in the country where we intend to bring a revolution in the hospitality industry.

Restaurant Guru Award

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