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Are you looking to launch a career in the hospitality and tourism industry? Study the Diploma in Fundamentals of Hospitality and Tourism (daytime or evening options), Diploma or Advanced Diploma in Hospitality and Tourism Management. All three diplomas are offered as co-op programs and allow you to work 20 hours per week during studies and full time during scheduled breaks. A shorter Certificate co-op program is also available.

Graduates of the Advanced Diploma will be able to aim for roles such as Front Desk Manager, Guest Service Manager, Restaurant Manager, Visitor Information Manager, Event and Meeting Manager, Sales Manager, or Corporate Travel Manager.


Courses offered in Hospitality Management train students on the various practical aspects of the hospitality sector which include delivering good satisfactory customer service and having the ability to solve problems as and when they arise. Students training in Hospitality Management gets trained on how to oversee the staff working in a hotel and restaurant, how to make sure that customer issues are addressed in a highly prompt and professional manner and how the hotel does not exceed its budget for the month.


Some of the most successful leisure and travel companies in India offer lucrative jobs to hospitality management graduates thanks to the investments made by the Government and all the tourists visiting the country from around the world.

Diploma in Hospitality Management program has been designed to impart to eligible candidates advanced lessons in:
  • Classifications of hotel departments, explaining their functions.
  • Revenue and sales indicators, security procedures, and different market segments and customer types.
  • Modes of hospitality operation, kitchen layout and design, and food safety.
  • Appropriate food handling priorities, food preparation procedures, types of restaurant workforce injuries, and accidents.
  • Diploma in Hospitality Management: Syllabus and Course Description

Diploma in Hospitality Management: Syllabus and Diploma in Hospitality Management: Who should opt?

Ideal candidates for the Diploma in Hospitality Management course would possess:
  • Good organizational skills.
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Zeal for self-discipline.
  • An extrovert, cooperative, polite, and respectful attitude.
  • Ability to deal with guests' criticism.

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